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Service Provider FAQs

1. How will shipments be awarded?

Shipments will be awarded based on a service provider’s Carrier Quality Index (CQI) score. The service providers with the highest scores will get the first opportunity to accept route and load optimized trips.

2. Is there a guaranteed non-peak tonnage?

Various factors will guarantee non-peak tonnage including higher than average Carrier Quality Index (CQI) scores. CQI scores are determined by factoring in the USG service member satisfaction survey, timeliness of both the service provided and paperwork, claims data and other service provider controllable factors. Stronger peak participation will also increase the odds of more non-peak tonnage offerings.

3. If I am a service provider but new to military moves, can I be trained to service your shipments?

We welcome moving professions who are committed to providing excellent service for our military families. We offer both virtual and in-person training opportunities for our HomeSafe Alliance service providers. There will be various services you can participate in once trained but other services will require you having a military approved warehouse. While this is often not a fast and easy designation to get, it is worth the effort financially in the long term.

4. When will HomeSafe Alliance start providing moves for our military families?

While various factors can affect the start date of this program, we are positioning ourselves to be ready to begin the transition in 2023. 

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