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Servicing your military relocations


Improving the relocation experience

Permanent change of station can be a stressful time for military and government families. Whether it’s your first move or one of many in a long career, HomeSafe Alliance promises to make the process as effortless and reassuring as possible.

HomeSafe Connect: all-in-one access to your move

We’ve developed a cutting-edge application to help make your relocation as smooth as possible.

Customer-service focused

You can message your personal customer service specialist directly any time, day or night.

Digitized inventory

Electronic records of your household goods are easily accessible, including claims and accompanying forms and documents.

Secure environment

Our cloud-based move management system has embedded security to protect your privacy and personal data.

Simplifying your relocation from start to finish

HomeSafe Alliance has you covered every step of the way. After receiving a new assignment notification, our move management process begins:

Communication you can count on

Stay up to date with the status of your household goods:

  • You receive notification (call, text, or email) 24 hours prior to household goods pickup and delivery.
  • The HomeSafe Connect color-coded dashboard displays where you are in the move process.
  • Smartphone geofencing offers real-time visibility of the moving truck within 10 miles of your home.
  • A dedicated customer service specialist responds to your questions or concerns throughout the entire move.
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