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Increasing capacity and fair compensation

Benefits of joining the HomeSafe Alliance network

HomeSafe Alliance offers a number of advantages for Service Providers:

Financial Incentives

We reward quality with a financial bonus equating to 3% of the linehaul cost payable annually to the small and large business subcontractors with the top 10% quality scores. We compute Carrier Quality Index (CQI) scores by factoring in the USG service member satisfaction survey, timeliness of both the service provided and paperwork, claims data and other service provider controllable factors.  

Capacity Incentives

Peak season capacity commitments are rewarded with valuable non-peak season tonnage. This provides the service provider with access to available non-peak moves based on region. 

Improved Capacity Utilization

The HomeSafe Alliance system bundles moves into trips for relocations involving pickups at or near the same point of origin and pickup day. This significantly impacts the route and load optimization saving our service providers both time and money.

Expanded Business Opportunities

HomeSafe Connect applications are all provided at no cost to our service providers. 

Comprehensive Military Move Training

HomeSafe Alliance will provide all training for committed service providers to achieve superior Carrier Quality Index (CQI) scores. HomeSafe Alliance will have on-line training and experienced staff to conduct site visits. 

To learn how to join Homesafe Alliance, click here.

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Rewarding quality service

Superior service and support are the foundation of our business—and our promise to our customers in uniform. Based on government customer surveys, timeliness, and claims data, each Service Provider receives a Carrier Quality Index (CQI) score. HomeSafe Alliance assigns more tonnage to companies with higher CQI scores, in addition to other incentives for those who follow through on peak-season moving commitments.

Supporting small businesses

HomeSafe Alliance is committed to exceeding the U.S. government’s small business utilization goal and fully dedicated to partnering with local and regional moving companies. Our small business advocates will assist these companies in joining the HomeSafe Alliance team.

Summer peak incentives

Service Providers who deliver quality summer peak tonnage are awarded prioritized access to select non-peak tonnage, gaining the following benefits:

Increased workload predictability

Better balancing of truck utilization throughout the year

Opportunities for high-density power lane tonnage

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